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May 30, 2024 - Why is China Dominating Ultra High Voltage DC?

Can we use the afternoon sun in Perth to power the evening in Sydney? Imagine harnessing sunlight from thousands of kilometers away to power our cities at peak times. In today`s video, we explore the groundbreaking energy technology that can do just that. Ultra High Voltage Direct Current, or UHVDC is reshaping how power is transmitted over vast distances. As countries globally seek efficient renewable energy solutions, China leads the charge in this technology, successfully employing UHVDC to link its hydro, solar and wind-rich western regions with densely populated eastern cities.
This success prompts a critical question: Why haven`t countries like the USA or Australia, with seemingly similar geographies, adopted UHVDC? Consider the potential—what if UHVDC could link Western Australia`s abundant solar resources to the main Australian grid? This could allow Sydney at 5 PM to use solar power generated at 3 PM in Perth. Or in the USA it could be California`s 2PM sunshine powering New York`s 5PM, or transporting wind from the lightly populated mid west to the cities. The implications of such a capability are profound and could revolutionize energy use across time zones.
Why is UHVDC not more widespread? To answer this questions, we`re going to examine how elevating from traditional HVDC to UHVDC allows longer distance and more efficient energy transmission. We`ll also look into how much UHVDC has been installed in China, compare it with installations elsewhere, and discuss what future plans may hold. We`ll dive into the technological specifics, understand its advantages, and confront the formidable challenges that have curtailed its broader adoption. Stay tuned as we explore why this transformative technology, while a game-changer in China, is still on the sidelines elsewhere.